Samus was born a natural human and she spent her childhood with her family on the mining planet K-2L. The planet was raided by Space Pirates, Ridley, killed most of the people in Samus's colony, including her parents, and then destroyed the planet. Orphaned, Samus was found by a bird like alien race known as the Chozo, who brought her to their home planet Zebes. Samus was infused with Chozo DNA to give her a storng resistance to foreign environments, thentrained as a warrior and given one of the alien race's artifacts, a powered exoskeleton called the Power Suit that biologically entwines itself with Samus's mind and body. Samus enlisted in the Galactic Federation Police, but later left she is now a freelance bounty hunter, and is called on by the Galactic Fedration to execute missions.

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